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My Baby is Growing Up

Now that my youngest is 18 months and growing up, I get a longing every time I see a little baby, knowing that each milestone my daughter (my youngest) reaches will be the last time I experience it. A friend of mine told me that I would feel this way when my youngest turned a year and she was right. I am sure I only want two kids, but there is a newborn on our flight that is crying at points and I just want to hold the baby. Both to help the parents and because I want to hold a newborn. Though I think that will upset my son who is trying to nap on me.

Sometimes I feel like biology is unfair – that it makes us long for another baby even after we’re sure our family is complete. Though I guess that biology and the smell of your children’s heads also makes you love them more than anything you’ve ever loved in your life so it’s not all bad.

Sadly, I write this on my flight home from my grandma’s funeral. My son and I flew to Chicago for four days to attend the funeral and spend time with family. (My son stayed with his other grandma during the funeral though he understood that my grandma was gone.) My daughter stayed in Seattle with my husband so I didn’t have to bring her, which I was grateful for, and they got to have some daddy-daughter time.

I was told that seeing her grandchildren grow up through photos and videos I emailed and posted on Facebook was the highlight of the last few years of my grandma’s life and that made me so tearful and happy. My grandma had also gotten to see them both last year when she celebrated her 90th birthday.

I’m glad to know that she is with grandpa and is at peace.

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