Parenting, Baby, and Kid Recommendations

Below you’ll find parenting and baby/kid resources and products that I have personally used and found have improved our lives. (Click the link or the image to buy them.)

This Fridababy Medifrida Accu Dose Pacifier Medicine Dispenser is incredible for giving medicine to babies who take pacifiers and would otherwise spit out the medicine. It was a life saver a few months when I gave my daughter Ibuprofen for her teething pain.



These outlet covers have been great. They are easy to use for adults, but my kid has never gotten them out.

I also use these stove knob covers.

These magnetic locks are great for any cabinets you don’t want your kid to get into. There isn’t anything on the outside so my kids tried to open the cabinets and lost interest when the doors didn’t move. I use them in the kitchen and the bathroom. There are a couple different options of how many locks are included – 2, 4, or 8.

They are a little difficult to install (especially the first time), but I am so happy with them. To install them you have to drill into your cabinet so if you’re not comfortable doing this or you can’t because you’re renting, these are probably not the right choice for your house.

I installed locks in different rooms and multiple locks in the kitchen all the way across the room from each other, so I bought additional keys.


This light bulb is amazing. I put it in the nursery lighting fixture instead of a regular bulb and I was able to feed, change, and comfort my daughter without waking her up with harsh light. (Click the link, not the image on this one.) The bulb is white, not orange, not sure why it is pictured that way.


Clothing  Positive Fashion for Amazing Kids  Basics in every color



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