Tomorrow is a New Day

My kids made a huge mess all over the kitchen and living room (the big kid definitely made it much worse) – toilet paper everywhere, kid silverware and cups, plates, bowls, and Glad containers everywhere. Then the big kid started a restaurant using all the kid cups and straws he could find. They weren’t really dirty when he was done, but he threw all of them in to the sink and I no longer knew which were actually dirty. My husband worked well into the night in his home office coming up only briefly at a few points and for dinner. It took so long to make dinner with all the interruptions as I was trying to get the little one changed for bed and put down; play restaurant with the big kid; and tripping over all the plastic containers in our house. Dinner was ready later than I would have liked. The big kid didn’t want to go to bed and stalled and came out of his room over and over again. After he finally went to bed I still had to cleanup from dinner. Then I opened a bottle of wine and watched Gilmore Girls. Through my frustration I just tried to think “Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new day. Please don’t come out of your room again”.

Of course between the little one waking up in the night and me not sleeping well, I didn’t get a good night’s rest, sadly, but the next day was a little better. Probably helped that the little one and I had some friends over and the big kid was at preschool.

If this sounds like your day, hang in there mama (and maybe have some wine tonight).

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